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Posted on
19 Mar 2015

Workshop Education Night

One thing we love here at Le Spit Cyclery is giving you the power and knowledge to further enhance your cycling experience.

We’re dedicated to making your cycling lives as trouble and worry free as possible so we’ve recently initiated some FREE bicycle maintenance courses. They’re aimed at the beginner to intermediate rider who is riding a bit further than to the corner store and wants to make sure they can get out of trouble if they need. Changing a tyre, replacing a tube, re-fitting the rear wheel, adjusting brakes and gears, and anything else you need to know.

It is free to attend, but we strongly suggest you bring some wine and cheese to share.

On the First Wednesday night of every month we have a free Education night.

Basic Maintenance Bookings:

Wed Aug 5, 2015 -

Wed Sep 2, 2015 -