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"If you were to weaponise a bicycle, it would look like this. Cervélo’s P5X is an all-black, all-carbon stealth bomber. It’s the fastest, most expensive and most technologically advanced triathlon bike ever built. It looks like Batman’s ultimate ride. Climb on board and there is no mistaking its true purpose – pure, undiluted, intoxicating speed. The aggressive riding position and phenomenal gearing mean that the stopping power of the hydraulic disc brakes isn’t a luxury, more a necessity. Despite the bellicose styling, the P5X is a bit of a pussy cat and is remarkably easy to use. It’s comfortable, the fit is fully customisable and it quickly packs away into a bike bag. Bizarrely, the addition that’s created the biggest buzz are the frame’s ‘integrated storage units’. Haven’t they heard of jersey pockets?" Martin Love

For more information about the P5X see Bike Radars break down of its tech or the Cervelo website


Product Details

  • Material: Carbon
  • Groupset: SRAM Red eTap
  • Aero Cable Management - Improves Aerodynamic And Shift/Braking Performance By Favouring Internal Cable Paths With Fewer Bends And Kinks
  • BBright - This Asymmetrical 79mm Bottom-Bracket Standard Yields Stiffer And Lighter Frames And Crank Systems
  • Built For Bottles - Minimizes The Aero Penalty By Partly Integrating The Water Bottle Into The Downtube Airfoil
  • Dropped Down Tube - Reduces Drag By Treating The Front Wheel And Frame As One Aerodynamic Shape
  • Evolved Steerer Design - The Fork Steerer’s Diameter Has A Noticeable Effect On A Bike’s Handling. Evolved Steerer Design Applies The Diameters And Taper Designs That Best Suit Each Model
  • Future-Proof Cable Management - Ensures Your Frame Is Compatible With All Current And Future Derailleur And Brake Systems
  • Reduced-Friction BB Guide - Significantly Reduces Cable Friction In The Bottom Bracket
  • Which Means Smoother Shifting
  • Easier Setup And Longer Service Intervals

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